Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
(2012-05-14, 03:26)tastypotato Wrote: I have one question though - why was it so important that the Kernal for 3.0.8 (Supposedly released now?) be released?

You don't want to re-invent the weel. It takes a lot of time to port the 2.6 kernel device drivers into 3.x versions. If they are released by the manufacturer at least you can start where they left of.

About the video decoding;
Yes there is a special handle in the SoC about the video decoding. That nifty little thing communicates with the software on one side and the hardware on the other. Which hardware that is doesn't really matter (GPU or yet another Chip) as long as it will be able to decode the frames without having to rely on the CPU.

There is a library which can be used by software (XBMC/MPlayer/DVDplayer/etc) which can talk to this chip and "give back" the decoded frames. The documentation of this library and an example of how to use it is released earlier;

As soon as the kernel issues and device drivers are all sorted out, a brach of XBMC need to be started where just like the Raspberry Pi a new player get's included, just like the OMXplayer from the RPi project.

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