Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
Mele A1000 & A2000 differences;
The only difference between the A1000 and A2000 is the case. The A2000 does NOT ship with a SATA disk case. They both have a 4 GB NAND chip, allthough the Android version on the A1000 only partitioned the first half of it. As soon as the linux drivers are ready, you can format the NAND to whatever you want and utilise the full 4GB.

As the A2000 is more expensive and does not ship with a SATA disk case, the A1000 might be the better option.

Mele A1000 from Tom Cubie;
Tom Cubie is a chinees Allwinner employee who buys the A1000 around the corner at the Mele factory and sells it on Aliexpress with only a couple of bucks profit. If you contact him he might slide in a free USB serial console cable for free. (did it for me). Shipment might be a bit funny, but he stated he uses Sweden post and they ship everywhere for around 16 bucks. Just select china post, if that is not available for your country he advised to use a nearby country which is supported and then state the proper address into the remarks.

Good to see you onboard. Wink
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