Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
(2012-05-31, 21:21)Ribuck Wrote: yet they have some of the most advanced coders in the world making malware & viruses, go

Anyway back on wont be long before we see a driver out in the wild as we have Mali Developer & lima who have released source code, so it;s only a matter of time waiting patiently.

Would also be nice in the meantime to maybe see some something like the Mele a2000 out there but with 1gb ram and maybe more gpu cores, basically like the FXI cotton Candy but in a Mele set-top box format. That would be my dream HTPC.


Can all of the a10 stuffs be hacked for linux running easily?
Maybe it is a stupid question but what about if there is not serial debug connection to hack the linux into it? Or the pins (place of the pins at least) are always there? How could you find it out what is usable for linux?
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