Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
Wait until later this year when dual core AML8726-MX and RK3306 flood the market. Performance wise should be comparable to 2 x 1G tualatin Pentium III .

(2012-06-07, 13:13)Mick1152 Wrote: There just isn't the processing power in these ARM processors to ever make the skins as smooth, fluid and lag free like they will be on even a basic x86 processor. Especially with all the eye candy in most of the skins. I just saw that Ronie, a Team-XBMC Member has started updating the broken Simplicity skin to work with Eden. I'm guessing a skin like, without all the eye candy, will be a bit smoother than the stock Confluence skin. Especially if using the list layout for movies and turning off the fan art backgrounds. I'm sure somebody will make an ARM optimized basic skin once all the kinks are worked out with the various devices like this and the Raspberry Pi.

Ultimately, as long as my low cost ARM device can play the movies fine, I could care less how smooth the interface is as long as I can navigate to and start my movies.

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