Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
I don't know a lot of the technical details, but one thing to remember is that XBMC for ARM is no longer a baby. We've been running on iOS/ATV2 for over a year, and we're even on several other ARM devices like the Raspberry Pi (wiki), CuBox (wiki), and some of those PandaBoards/ BeagleBoard/Bone. Davilla showed us a sneak peak video in another thread about another ARM box (from Pivos) running XBMC that uses the same MALI-400MP GPU. All these different platforms bleed into each other, too, as well as efficiency improvements from the desktop side.

I do know that the hackability of the A10 gives us more options than we have on other platforms, which certainly makes things easier. No jailbreaking or anything like that required. Being able to run linux on it is very huge.

As for power, I'm not sure how A10 compares to other ARM SoCs out there, but I can tell you that it's more powerful than a Raspberry Pi (just by the specs), and builds for the R-Pi are getting more snappy and better by the day. A dev would have to tell you more, but I suspect the A10 would be able to handle XBMC as good as (if not better) than an Apple TV 2. That's assuming everything goes well and there are no show stoppers (there's still a ways to go).
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