Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
(2012-07-03, 01:29)Speedst3r Wrote: a) Output resolutions/refresh rates - gimli's demo is in 720p, does the Mali-400 do 1080p output as well?
b) I read a fair few pages back the driver only does 24 or 60Hz currently. Any plans for other refresh rates (e.g. 23.976, 50)? Wife certainly notices the judder in PAL SD content when played back at 60Hz.
c) Does the A10 bitstream HD audio over HDMI?

I have the pineriver mini-x, and using the unofficial Android 4.0 img.
a) I can get 1080p output no problem
b) I do not have it in front of me, but I remember being able to at least chose 60Hz or 50Hz for the 1080p output.
c) I have no idea about the bitstream audio

(2012-07-02, 23:34)gabrielbsb Wrote: Guys, it comes with a remote so I think it has an IR receiver embed, right? So can I use my Logitech Harmony remote to control it? And what about dual boot? Dual boot android/xbmc would be nice, xbmc for everything and android for netflix Smile
I was going to buy the MK802, it's cheaper, smaller a have 1gb ram, but this Mele A1000 seems to be a more solid device.

On the pineriver mini-x I have had trouble getting the Logitech to recognize the remote control that came with the device. I believe that the Mele devices have a different remote than the mini-x, so you might get lucky. If you do order a device, setting it up as a PVR in the Harmony software seems to yield a result for a matching remote. However as before, this will be totally different for the Mele device which uses a different IR sensor.
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