Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
(2012-07-02, 23:34)gabrielbsb Wrote: Guys, it comes with a remote so I think it has an IR receiver embed, right? So can I use my Logitech Harmony remote to control it? And what about dual boot? Dual boot android/xbmc would be nice, xbmc for everything and android for netflix Smile
I was going to buy the MK802, it's cheaper, smaller a have 1gb ram, but this Mele A1000 seems to be a more solid device.
I have a Logitech Harmony One remote and I set it up to work with my Mele A2000. The Logitech software didn't recognise the remote in its database so I had to manually enter all the buttons. I did create a profile for it so maybe you will end up downloading the one I made! I've only used it a few times but it does need a bit of work as the buttons are pretty sluggish compared to the original remote.

Installed ICS on it using the official image and it all went fine. I couldn't get MX Player with the ARM stuff or Mobo player to run properly. I'll give MX player another go though as I did read something a few posts up that suggests that actually does work for some people. I screwed up the ICS image upgrade initially because I had plugged my SD card into the USB card reader, copied the image over and then unplugged the USB reader. I then plugged that into the Mele box. See what I did there? Or more like what I didn't do. Didn't take the SD card out of the USB card reader. The update process doesn't happen if you use USB, has to be the memory card directly. The funny thing was, I'd read about that fact before I started and was going "WTF, it is on an SD card!". Definitely a time for sleep moment.

I noticed with both the original OS and ICS that the device seems to forget my audio hardware selection when rebooted. It remembers it from standby mode but if I disconnect the power completely and turn it back on it defaults back to HDMI. I use an optical cable for my audio. The audio isn't working properly either or it could be due to me not getting any of the video players to work properly but there was no audio for any of the movies and the sound source switched to stereo. Not bothered in the slightest though since I expect Android won't be on it for long Smile

Sorry to be a bit off track, I just saw the question and thought I'd post the answer.
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