Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
Its more symbolic than it is usefull, but it still have his uses(A10 with a broken touch will still work as a pc), also is a must have feature for any +120usd tablet, the A13 is targeting sub-100usd tablet models, it makes sence to remove it, also is the only thing that keeps the A10 in expensive tablets, A13 with HDMI whould have made pointless to use A10 in +100usd tablets.

But A10 will be dead in tablets by the end of the year anyway and A13 will son take VIA8650 place. So yeah, A13 will remain in the very very cheap chinese mini-netbook and tablets, and A10 has a long life ahead in TVBoxes...
I expect to see some A10 replacement soon, unless they dont care tablet market.

BTW, AML8726-M6 ITS already out, Novo 7 Aurora 2 and Elf 2 have them...
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RE: Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ? - by Shivansps - 2012-07-04, 15:22

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