Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
(2012-07-06, 08:53)Ned Scott Wrote:
(2012-07-06, 07:02)rere34lm Wrote: After do a bit of research for, I have to say It may not be happening very soon, I know it's a little disappointed, I do. But that's base on my research on the progress of XBMC-Team's Github repositories. They have done a lot of progress on omxplayer, the OpenMax framework which XBMC for RaspberryPi is relied on. the most important pieces referred by DllBCM.h and by DllOMX.h, they are the code links the open source and closed source driver together. without these you can not expect XBMC to do too much useful thing on a related board. I appreciated RaspberryPi foundation contributed their driver and more important the header files link up the stuffs. but for Allwinner A10 chips, there is nothing about cedar library there or any video decoding for other chip like Amlogic also missing, By the way Amlogic has their proprietary decoding technology and they quite tight about it, no much information available. I guess the demo on their board maybe restrict to the agreement, so developer can not open up the code.

We have been expect too much on the Mali400MP itself which has not too much things to do with porting the XBMC, it only renders image and XBMC's user interface, RaspberryPi happens to have the VideoCore IV chip can do both video decoding and 3D rendering, other chips all has different video processor, although they can has Mali-400, that does not means XBMC can do HW decoding on those chips, unless the chip makers can really open up their drivers to XBMC community, at least provide binary blob and header files like RaspberryPi did amazing job to help XBMC and any other open source projects, most important piece is Xorg acceleration driver. That also help those chip maker open to the broader market. ultimately sale more chips and boards. Just see how wonderful RaspberryPi have done. The market is well beyond their expectation especially when it runs XBMC, just ask their reseller Element14 and RC online how popular it is recently! I am waited for 3 months just got one. now they say any new order still 2 months waiting!

I really wish Allwinner don't missing the boat here and other chips like Amlogic as well. now we all expect these chips to run XBMC. once RaspberryPI get spec up to 1G plus speed and add flash memory. they will take the market for sure.

I maybe wrong for those things. I just start to dip it deeply.

Not all work is done on github, not all work is done on the Team XBMC github, and not all github branches are publicly viewable.

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