Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
The last few pages are a classic case of a wrong assumption (that any work done for a particular platform would not or could not transfer to others) amplified by a jaded view of human nature (that money would swamp any ethical concerns) producing a post that unnecessarily antagonised. This then fueled by a response or two done whilst (understandably) pissed off which didn't really provide anything other than a bit of venting.

XBMC is and always will be open source. As davilla pointed out, it was fortuitous that a player developed for a separate project transferred over to the Android case on this particular box. It doesn't rule out hardware acceleration on other platforms at all - indeed, some work has been done in parallel.

XBMC has only been running successfully on Android for about a month - huge efforts (nothing of substance by me) were required to get the build system under control and to iron out issues at runtime to get things to the state it currently is at (UI up, basic video + audio playback done, essentially feature complete). As soon as we were at the point that things were running reasonably stable and the build churn started to settle then we pushed out the release, as we know that we can't do this on our own: We don't have the assortment of devices to test on, and we also don't have as much experience as others outside of the team may have in this area. As always, we welcome help Smile

I have no doubt that HW acceleration will be worked on on various platforms as folk have interest in doing the work, as will utilising the image decoding chains and so on. It's non-trivial, but aspects of a player on one system typically transfer to another, even if that's just the lessons learnt during the process.

To repeat: there has never been, and will never be restrictions from working on a particular platform, or exclusivity to a particular platform. Indeed, this is essentially impossible, as each XBMC developer chooses what they want to work on - noone is bound by anything other than the spirit of open source development. If platform A is done before platform B it's simply due to access to the hardware, interest to work on it, and availability of tools to do the job.

Now let's get back to enjoying the efforts of davilla, gimli, Phaedoria, TheUni, Memphiz, Montellese, topfs2 et. al.

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