Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
(2012-07-16, 04:01)davilla Wrote: Xios DS is most defiantly not essentially an A10 in the same way as it's not a tegra2. Please stop thinking that just because something is armv7/Mali that it is the same device. While a similar armv7 core and Mali GPU are present, just about everything else is different. You really have to understand how modern SoC are designed and made. Generally you take a CPU soft-core, marry in GPU and anything else you want, pay some IC foundation to turn the crank and out pops your chip. If you did your homework right, then the chip actually works too Smile Amlogic has their own SoC design, others too.

You forgot the section where we send our guys over there to argue that they got the specs wrong, and that cornflakes are not in anyway suitable for calculating the thermal envelope of the chip.

As davilla said; the acceleration used currently doesn't come from the Mali-400. Amlogic included a VPU that handles video decoding. Its a whole separate IP Core inside the chip. Not all OEMs will pay for the licensing/documentation to use it either.

This is a win for everyone. XBMC is running on android! How is that a bad thing? I remember how proud I was when I got it to run on my xbox nearly a decade ago! That was an individual achievement! Soon, it will be clicking in the android play store or downloading an apk. Hardware acceleration support is limited right now, but it will grow with time. A step is a step. The source code is open, sitting there for your perusal! We just had the right tools to enable a hardware accelerated release much quicker. Sure, its platform specific, but the framework is there for everyone.
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