Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
(2012-07-16, 07:20)Pivos_BigC Wrote: This is a win for everyone. XBMC is running on android! How is that a bad thing? I remember how proud I was when I got it to run on my xbox nearly a decade ago! That was an individual achievement! Soon, it will be clicking in the android play store or downloading an apk. Hardware acceleration support is limited right now, but it will grow with time. A step is a step. The source code is open, sitting there for your perusal! We just had the right tools to enable a hardware accelerated release much quicker. Sure, its platform specific, but the framework is there for everyone.
My thougts exactly. I think majority of people understand the benefit of Android port and there is a limited number of paranoid users that see evil everywhere, where money appears. But devs have to eat too. A simple "thanks" won't feed them and their families.
Personally I am always very glad to see a company that invests money to porting existing well working open source SW rather than building custom shitty closed source FW.
We have the source code, lets make it work on our devices.

Excuse me, I'm not a native english speaker :laugh:
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