Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
I think the very active discussion of the Android achievement by the XBMC team and the awesome support by Pivos shows how important this is for ARM and the A10. I know it is not a panacea for ARM Hardware decoding and I am not trying to equate the different SoCs, but it is just such a positive development for XBMC on ARM and hardware Decode.

For the A10, I am not sure how far it has moved the bar, the missing information for accessing the CedarX is very difficult to overcome. Perhaps this achievement will spur them (SoftWinner) to see the success to be had from Pivos and work with the community in a productive way. I am sure folks are working hard on the A10 HW Acceleration -- I don't see how XBMC for Android could detract from that. I don't see how a positive outcome for Pivos because of their stance toward supporting XBMC should make me feel anything but positively towards them.

Because XBMC can be made to serve multiple different frontends very nicely, I am highly likely to buy a XIOS DS (or XS) to play around with. When(if) my A100 (A1000) works with XBMC Hardware Decode, I will have one more thing to be happy about. I already have a Pi -- the fact it doesn't do exactly everything I want (MPEG2) hasn't meant that there I haven't learned and experienced a lot by making them work for other things.

And if my A10 based hardware never achieves hardware Decode, it doesn't mean that the struggle wasn't of value to many folks in moving the bar forwards -- I hope they are finding enjoyment in their process and it rewards them in every way. So, count me among the cheering section, not the griping section -- other than some small envy I have that the devs have the skills that I lack..
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