Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
(2012-07-18, 14:18)geggog Wrote: Yep, I've responded to the questionnaire highlighting how much more interested I'd be in their devices should XBMC be a success.
Interesting point, right now, there's no set-top box that runs XBMC natively. I know china often doesn't care and realize the impact of Software, they make hardware after all, but if you only look at the software on those mediaboxes from realtek for example, which leaves very much to desire.

(2012-07-18, 14:29)Djape Wrote: Same here. Sent back, told them they don't know what they are missing.
If they don't do it, someone else will, luckily Big Grin
As said above, indeed, they could be the first, or the one of many. Being first is important but whats even more important ... Having close ties to the community and supporting OpenSource could very well give you a huge advantage. Think about it. Properly working player, well supported by the community, because many will have one, as it simply works! ™.

edit: Having thought and said all that, I know is working hard on developing a board based on the A10. Has anybody gotten in touch with them, pointed them at this thread? They are actively working on getting a GPL supported device out into the market.
Quote:Maybe this has not been here yet and I know it is not A10, but Mali400....

For Telechips TCC892x (used in CX-01 mini PC, Zero Devices Z900, ValuePlus TizzBird N1, Diyomate A6 Network Media Player, etc...) linux kernel source code and android ICS open source code (webkit + OpenMAX source code) are available.

Unfortunately these devices haven't lots of output ports, but could be used to run XBMC... and CX01 is around 50$...

I hope XBMC will run on lots of arm devices in the very near future... )
While this sound extremly interesting, has telechips released source code for their VPU? Does it HAVE a VPU? Without a VPU it's useless. That telechips uses an arm core and Mali400 GPU isn't supprising, but I'm sure they haven't released sources for the Mali400's GPU bit. Luckly for the lima project to be working on that.
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