Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
I was thinking more about the licencing.

Assuming Allwinner actually pay for the licenses, aren't those licenses based on a per CHIP basis? I mean, what we talked about earlier, the BCM 970012 chips, Broadcom payed for the licenses, sold the chips (and thus sold us a license) for that chip. The driver should not matter in anyway way.

So Allwinner has a license for the decoder, it's baked into the chip, the moment the chip is sold, so is the license. Done. The library doesn't need to be seperatly purchased to obtain (yet a nother) license.

(2012-07-20, 16:58)gimli Wrote:
(2012-07-20, 16:56)j1nx Wrote: Good inititial news, but hold your horses!

I am a sceptical person; So let's see what comes out of it.


While I assume so, I do hope that "Opensource" is also heavly discussed. Getting the chip working, using it with XBMC is nice and great, but the goal to aim for full opensourceness would be the ideal Smile
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