Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
(2012-07-24, 09:31)Nu7s Wrote:
(2012-07-23, 20:54)Shivansps Wrote: Because Raspy is not loading a full gnome/Unity 3D Desktop... If you gona use Linaro, you must use the Alip one.

Remove than thing and set up a Xubutu or Lubuntu Desktop, it peforms much better. Hardware Acceleration for X is needed in order to even try to run Unity.

So if I understand correctly, Linaro/Alip is the kernel and Xubutu/Lubuntu/X are operating systems?

Nope you are not understanding it correctly. Linaro is just a group of developers, Alip is their release Xfce version. So installing Linaro, removing X and then installing Xubuntu is really a waste of time as it is basically the same without the arm optimizations.

And to all the others trying to start XBMC.
If you really can't wait and want to scroll through the menu's (without VPU support that is about all you can do), use theuni his framebuffer patch/branch and compile that with the proper flags for framebuffer and gles support.
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