Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
(2012-08-13, 23:40)Shivansps Wrote:
(2012-08-13, 14:20)gimli Wrote:
(2012-08-13, 10:44)Krankdroid Wrote: so. still no news about the Allwinner communications ?

No. The communication with Allwinner is neraly zero.

Well Allwinner should be long working on A10 reeplacement by now, i dont think they care much about it...

I know I sound like one of those nagging evangelists, but if they would have helped or at least released programming specifications early on with some basic examples, someone for sure would have picked up on that. Further support would then not be required. Maybe some QA back and forth. A binary blob can be ok, to have initial 'licenced' support.

They are probably indeed working on sun5i now and probably don't care much anymore. Hopefully they'll learn from this. As many said, a10 is missing out on some potential here.

That all said, as linked above, seems to be what is required to reverse engineer the driver and get an opensource video decoder going. So the first steps have been made. Let's hope this all comes around before sun6i comes out Smile

As for ouya etc, tegra3 support is even worse I belive at the moment?
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