Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
Sorry in advance for my newbie questions. I've never used XBMC, and I know its Android support is still under active development, but this seems like a good thread to ask my questions in.

Gimli's post today suggests that Allwinner isn't exactly putting much effort into their statement of support for the XBMC dev team. So while I was considering getting an Allwinner unit for streaming live TV through XBMC, I'm starting to think I might be better off going with an alternative.

A quick search turned up an $88 unit at Amazon called the "G-Box", which touts XBMC support on their website:

The specs for this unit don't seem markedly different from the Allwinner devices that I've seen (specifically, the G-Box has a "Mali400 Quad Core 3D GPU" and a "Rockchip Cortex A8 CPU").

But if the hurdles that the dev team are facing all come down to library support for those chipsets, then I suppose it's possible that this unit DOES play nice with XBMC.

So is the G-Box's XBMC support for real? Has anyone used one? Does it get decent performance? And are there any other alternatives for a set-top box that work with XBMC? I've also taken a look at the Raspberry Pi, but lack of MPEG-2 support seems to be the dealbreaker there.

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