Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
(2012-08-19, 02:41)Shivansps Wrote: And the guys with the hardware are the ones on the losing end as always...

There is no way to make a exception for the android version?

I can understand your dissapointment and frustration, hence try to imagine how I feel.

But it is Allwinner who just made fun of the whole XBMC community. Looking on the unproffesional acts I got the impression the Allwinner company is not that big, hence the reason why the same people their names keep popping up and the have only ONE VPU software developer! It is just one of those companies that growed to big to fast for their own good. The had a hit with their A10 SoC in the chinees tablet market. That kicked them to the top of the ladder, but it is NOT the type of conpany that belongs their and therefor will fall of that same ladder quite hard and fast anytime soon.

The dual core cortex A9 (AMlogic) will soon take over. Followed by Tegra3. I give it about half a year and A10/A13 has fallen of the ladder.

Now to come back to XBMC;
The XBMC Android version still runs ok-isch on the device. SD material can be played on the Mele, IF streamed from LAN. Wifi is still a bit buggy.

We can only hope, that the other XBMC devs can tap into the android media framework, but I guess that needs a rewrite of the included players.

I saw that the lead developer of the Android Diceplayer is looking into adjusting XBMC to utilize a external player. He might better put his effort in rewriting his player to be included into XBMC as separate player (We already have dvdplayer, omxplayer, why not android-player)

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