Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
I think this is escalating out of control. Let's sum up what Allwinner has done so far:

1. Agree to work together with the XBMC team to make XBMC on A10 a reality. (Good)
2. After hearing what needed to be changed, promised to fix them. (Good)
3. Sent over a "changed lib" that turned out to be the exact same thing. (Bad)
4. Stated that they are redeveloping cedarX by following OPENMAX and will share soon. (Good)
5. Made a few excuses about the lib not being the same. (wrong date on buildserver/forgot to enable ifdef's) (Good/Bad... we will see in the following days.)

Some facts:

1. They are a Chinese company. As stated in a few posts back, this isn't exactly the "free world".
2. They are a small company without the available resources to jump on this and get results in a matter of days.
3. In my experience, Chinese people are too polite and "honorfull" to immediately admit when they are at fault or can't keep up with promises made. Hence, the "lying".
4. If the provided lib's are such "crap" that they cannot be used properly by the XBMC team, perhaps the Allwinner developers aren't that good. Because why would ANY company make a bad "product" if they knew how to make a good one?
5. Technology is evolving at an unhealthy pace, and competition between the hardware manufacturers must be killing. Perhaps this is making them rush out their products before they are properly finished. If they are understaffed and already working on the successor, maybe there will be no time to work on this.
6. Chinese economy is a air-bubble. To keep current growth possible air-bubbles are created everywhere. Not only in technology, but also in building-sectors. Great example is the following movie:

My conclusion: Allwinner promised to to fix their lib's and share them with the community (not just XBMC developers) so everybody can make up their mind on the provided files. If Allwinner states that this is all we will get we will have to live with it. If they did make a honest mistake, we will recieve the correct files any time in the future. Also, don't forget the promise to redevelop using a Openmax approach. Let's calm down, put down the burning torches and leave them be for now. If they don't come up with a sollution, it's their loss. If they do, I certainly hope that the XBMC team will find the time and heart to continue with this project. Fact is that PIVOS has been 110% helpfull and Allwinner hasn't proven itself, so if you want a sure sollution, go with PIVOS, they deserve it. But If Allwinner does make the changes I think they deserve our support as well.


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