Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
Fully supported? what that means? 3D programs work under linux, as long they run from framebuffer, no even the R-PI has X11 hardware acceleration, Kernel and U-boot are open-source, the VPU is the problem, is not open source as everyone else, on android work well, but is not OpenMAX, and on linux is crap, and i sure it is because nobody sell those things with linux.

With OpenMAX is their decision, if they does not want to use it, there is not much you can do about it, so you either buy something that support OpenMAX, or you program the thing to use wharever cedar is using today on android. With the launch of Android 4.1 cedar is not longer working on it, so allwinner has to do something about it, so i expect some news on this front.

On the Linux thing, we probably the first to complain about it, to give you an example, i asked for support to a LOT of devs, last year about MIPS support to their android app, most of them respended (not right now, maybe later), 10 months later in cheking out and about 90% of the devs launched MIPS versions of the apps, even the MXPlayer. OK is not the same mips support in android apps is easy on most cases, its google fault that does not include mips support in their ndk and you have to use an special one.

That does not excuse lying, but i think we should give them some time, as probably Android is their top priority and they have enoght problems with 4.1 already.

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