Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
(2012-08-22, 23:35)davilla Wrote:
(2012-08-22, 21:47)oliv3r Wrote: Or, you could actually support mali driver development by supporting the lima project.

And wait a few years, no thanks. I'll support a vendor that already has a good relationship with ARM.

No, support them with code, money, words of praise to speed up development while in the meantime use the blob. No need to be harsh.

Also, how does supporting a vendor get you better drivers? Arm does the drivers mostly?

No. Do support the lima project. They don't sell you any specific hardware, you can support both. Support manufactures that properly work with OSS and support us (aka pivos etc). Support Lima so they have their driver ready faster, which in the end will only be a good thing.
(2012-08-23, 06:51)calris Wrote:
(2012-08-23, 06:36)davilla Wrote: kernel, not userland. Here let me quote it here since you did not actually read that page.

LOL - I re-read it just after I posted that comment and realised my mistake Blush, but thanks for the correction anyway Smile

So the lima project is providing the userland components - i.e. a replacement of the Mali DDK (sorry for my rank newbie-ness - I'm playing a bit of fast-track catchup)

I bought the A2000 to do some open-source ARM hacking. So far I see the boot-loader is 100% open-source via U-Boot which is a good start for me (being an U-Boot developer myself). I'm planning on documenting the gaps between a full-blown FLOSS code-base for the A2000 and a code-base which includes proprietary code.
Exactly. The Lima project aims to build a fully opensource mali galium3D driver. ARM itself only provdies the essentials for their userland basically.

Think of it as fgrlx vs r600g or more accuratly, nvidida binary blob driver vs nouveau.
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