Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
(2012-09-26, 02:40)Shivansps Wrote: Well empatzero build is a proof of concept only,(i think this is the lib that gimli rejected) i give it a go and well... it performs much better killing x11, but UI fps at 720P is around 40fps and 18-20fps at 1080P, considering the low idle cpu usage that has be running on hardware, im not sure if that what we have to expect from an Mali-400 single core.
Still, the UI feels good anyway.

On playback... well, i was unable to playback anything on Cedar, the cedar lib for linux does not support most of the formats and codecs, for example, it supports .avi h.264, but not .mkv h.264, i think .avi h.264 is the only thing it supports right now.
BUT, i was unable to playback .avi h.264 too, everytime that i try to open a file that Cedar accepts XBMC crash with a "Decoder(number):5", thats what says in the log too, everytime that xbmc opens "A10", it crash, it can only playback the ones that "A10" fails, so it switch back to software decoder.
Im not sure if it was supposed to work or i did something wrong...

And about software decoder, it performs very well, it can playback all my 720P episodes, to give you an idea, the "Big Buck Bunny" 720P trailer file playbacks with about 80% cpu usage, i now those are low bitrate, but still very good to be running on software.

What is making it unusable 720 right now is the screen tearing i have no idea how to fix, when i start to playback something the screen "vibrates" up and down...
OK i quote myselft to correct... i was wrong, i double check my mkv files and some are in mpeg-4 not h.264, wrong label, sorry.
Big Buck Bunny, both 720 and 1080P are running in Cedar Decoder, not software, 1080P lags because of low FPS from mali GPU.

The problem here is called MALI-400, Cedar lib apears to be OK, aside from the fact that it does not support some codecs that his Android version do...
At 1080P Mali-400 is just not fast enoght(-20fps), causing problems, video go too slow (Big buck Bunny lags in 1080P, and is using cedar). Something is really wrong with Mali-400 in the A10... or if is really this slow it will be a BIG problem...
Like im playing the video, i try to go to the UI, is slow as hell both the video and UI, i go to see system info and the CPU usage is below 30% but the thing is running at 9fps... It works much better in 720P. Its obiusly a GPU performance problem.

The XBMC crash for me at start of some videos for no reason, im cheking and those videos are all using MP3 audio codec, after that decided to test with mp3 music and it crash too, so the problem is around MP3 decoder in xbmc.


BTW on the last screen, check "Sumary" and "Free Memory" thats whats happens when i playback something, sections of the screen jump up and down, and it gets worse depending on the video. No idea of what the problem is, i asume its Mali related too because sections of the UI moves up and down too whiout playing anything.
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