Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
(2012-09-26, 11:42)cristatus Wrote: I am new to this forum so not sure about the development status of XBMC on mk802 but here I am to share my experience about the empatzero's build. I have successfully cross compiled it with few adjustments to the rootfs and file and built xbmca10.deb once the build is complete. Installed on a lubuntu from miniand and I was surprised with the result.

Let me say, even though empatzero claims it 0.0.1 (alpha), I admit it's quite usable. The XBMC UI is responsive and showing around 43-45 fps at 720p mode. Regarding the video playback, initially it crashed with a 1080p movie (h264 mkv). Then I tried couple of 720p and they played flawlessly so I assume it's using CedarX (Shivansps, how can I make sure it's not SW decoding). Then I again tried 1080p video, it crashed. I was so excited of the result that I gave it another try and surprisingly this time it played 1080p too without any major issue (some flickering initially).

This is really a great news. Looking forward for some official words from xbmc team...

The crash issue is because of libmad on dev enviroment, those videos are probably using MP3 audio.

As for SW or HW rendering, play a video and then open /home/(user)/.xbmc/temp/xbmc.log, search for "A10", and see if its failling or opening... But right now it only supports H264 and MPEG2, but its not a cedar problem.
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