Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
(2012-11-08, 13:07)rellla Wrote:
(2012-11-08, 12:51)CreaB Wrote: beacause an update gone bad, i'll start with a new prepared sdcard today.
Is there any better way than installing linaro first (from here and then install an kernel/driver, etc.

maybe i startet from the wrong point and there is a smarter base to start from? =)

i recommend you do ALL steps once from scratch (rootfs, kernel, u-boot, script.bin, boot.scr) to build your own sd-card image. i'd prefer debian sid.
you should build rootfs on your own. kernel etc. can be taken from the latest hwpack.
then you can either give my binarys a try or compile xbmca10 yourself.

follow these instructions: <- adapt it to debian sid and armhf and dicussion site in general

and don't mix x11 and xbmc. x11-mali-binarys do not work with fb-based xbmc. possibly there is some mix in linaro's rootfs because they use x11, which causes the error!

Ok Thanks. I'll try that..i ended up on linaro, because i've read that linaro armhf is much faster, but i also prefer debian anyway.
so i'll start from scratch later and hope that i can report success later. Thanks a lot.

So..i found my first problem =)
I'm running a MK802 II, without a wired ethernet device. so can i also use the wired device MAC?
Quote:You need the MAC address for the wired ethernet from your Mele. Either open up the box and get the address from the label, or boot the stock Android and go to Settings -> Network -> Wired Network Settings.
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