Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
(2012-11-08, 13:39)CreaB Wrote:
(2012-11-08, 13:32)rellla Wrote:
(2012-11-08, 13:17)CreaB Wrote: So..i found my first problem =)
I'm running a MK802 II, without a wired ethernet device. so can i also use the wired device MAC?
It's obsolete then. Leave it.

Ok, thought its needed.

I created a armhf deian-root-filesystem (sid, with modification for networking - wlan0) on a new & clean installed debian-VM using this guides:,5986

after that, i used a hardwarepack from here:

./ /dev/sdb mk802_hwpack_2012.10.09.7z norootfs

But the monitor is staying black and no accessibility via network is available..i guess there has gone something wrong, but can not check, because of lack of access.

Did you checked the sunxi-spl.bin settings ? I built my own hwpack using a10-tools, but had black screen until I changed the "screen0_output_type" setting.
What are the default settings from those nightlies ?

BTW, I would recommand using a debian wheezy instead of sid.
Wheezy packages are quite as up-to-date as sid, and have less bugs.
I used debootstrap from linaro in order to create the wheezy archive... basically the only thing I did before packing it up was giving hostname + root password + install openssh server.
Wlan works but is quite buggy : very slow + had to disable some power settings.

Does somebody knows how to set up lirc ? I have found a sunxi-ir module which when loaded creates a virtual device (and cat gives output when using the remote).
I'm not sure but somebody said that we cannot actually access directly IR codes (on the mele a1000), and that the remote is keyboard-emulation based. Can somebody clarify that please ?
I have no /dev/lirc* at all and irrecord doesn't work with the device provided, btw it pops up inside the "dev/input" folder on module loading.
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