Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
(2012-11-08, 19:54)rellla Wrote:
(2012-11-08, 13:39)CreaB Wrote: But the monitor is staying black and no accessibility via network is available..i guess there has gone something wrong, but can not check, because of lack of access.
Lack of access is a problem. It's nearly unpossible to find a mistake. You even cannot see, if it boots into debian. Probably for headless systems a .img which boots and gives at least console access directly or via ssh is more suitable for this mk802-stick. Otherwise it will get a very very blind trial and error search. Not funny. Better you search for a precompiled image...

Yeah, precompiled Image was what i prefer, but i only found linaro armhf and Ubuntu armel.
The First one gave me "cannot create display", the second one was not useable for xbmc-usage.

At the Moment i am back on Android, on both devices but would really like to switch to Debian armhf with xbmc.

Of anybody can offer me se guides/help/hints, i would try till i get it running.

Android is running ok, but i would like to use linux, because i am using a central mysql-database for xbmc and Android does not offer a nfs-kernel-Module, so I have to use smb.
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