Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
Hi Drachensun,

I have to agree with you.
I am not at all affiliated with allwinner but just a casual hacker who was attracted by such cheap tablets which are impossible to brick (thanks to FEL mode) and which have the great flexibility to redirected UART signals to sdcard connector. It enables to have a real product (with a touchscreen a battery,a real case and not a simple dev board) and to hack with it (as long as you don't need IOs of course)

At the beginning I though that libvecore (cedarx) was simply unable to do the job and I had to forget about hw video decoding because of its very bad reputation
At the end, thanks to empat0, it is quite obvious that this lib can be used to decode and render efficiently videos.

Of course I think it is a REAL shame that libvecore source code is not open especially when it is so obvious (just extract strings from the lib to be convinced) that it is linked with GPL code and so it simply has to be GPL.
Of course it is also very frustrating to wait for weeks to get a armhf version when it only requires 5 minutes to recompile
Of course while this library remains closed we will have hard times to solve bugs (and I think I have hit one as I reported earlier in this thread )

But, it is unfair to accuse anybody who comes with good initiatives like pengpod to be affiliated with allwinner and to have secret or malicious plans...

Best regards

NB : By the way, for now I run my own image based on linaro but i consider seriously joining your effort

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