Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
Just noticed something strange. It reports 800mb ram while the goose only has 512? Any idea what is causing this? Maybe that is the reason for the segfault.
(2012-11-12, 23:42)mtx512 Wrote:
(2012-11-12, 23:25)Rok1337 Wrote: Hi and Tanks for the Image. I was able to boot it on my gooseberry but it takes very very long to boot approx 2 minutes. I can login and the load average is good. Many other images I had tried had a load av of 2 while the system was actually idle. I get a default when starting xbmc but that's probably down to the different hardware of the gooseberry?

Its taking longer to boot because it's trying to get an ip address through dhcp for ethernet. You should disable this /etc/network/interfaces. Also did you replace script.bin with one for the gooseberry if you haven't done so and if possible the uboot.

I will try that once I get back from work. Actually I'm not sure if I should replace the script.bin, because this image is the only one that has booted 100% up to now. The goose has a temperamental boot problem. Most of the images I have used only boot once and never again. It has loaded the Realtek driver for wireless but I don't see a wlan0 interface. I might have to recompile the kernel.
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