Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
First let me say, thanks for all your efforts!

I have this stick:
in which I have inserted a class 10 16Gb microSD with the above image (from page 127) and added an additional ext4 partition with 6 movies. I did not make any other changes to the image.

It boots nicely into XBMC but I am having severe issues with the graphics while playing movies. One AVI makes XBMC crash (and automatically restart, nice feature btw). Two of them are 720p files which were not encoded by me (they are the ones that do best, image-artifact-wise, almost OK besides being somewhat slow and slightly worse image quality than I am used to for these files). The rest of them are slow and with loads of missing blocks / purple screens / uneven play (Image is alright for one second, then missing blocks for the next second and the purple/pink with missing blocks for a couple of seconds and the back to alright again). These three movies I did encode by myself from DVD using Handbrake and the iPad setting (adjusted to 25fps), and hence SD. Only one of the movies are live action movies, the rest are animated ones.

One other minor thing is that I can see the cursor from the tty login blinking through the graphics/video of XBMC a few times a second.

Please let me know what I can do to help! (I'm in Adelaide, which usually means logged on at times most of you won't be)


Could parts of the problem come from my microSD being too slow I wonder? I wouldn't expect it but you never know. I will try with an external USB stick or drive tomorrow.
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