Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
Oh, sorry about missing that in the release post.

Anyways, I downloaded the eight samples from the CedarX samples page found in the release post on page 127. I currently only at 720p (how do I change that? Change evb.bin? Done that before with an other linaro release) so I only tried files 2, 4, 6, 7 and 8 this time around. What I get is:

Sample 2: Plays well.
Sample 4: Jerky play all the way through. Wouldn't consider stating that it works. Image is alright though.
Sample 6: Plays alright the last 2 seconds, before that jerky and stuttering. Image alright (i.e. no block artifacts etc)
Sample 7: Plays like a slide-show. My guess is that it is only showing me I-frames. Audio is running.
Sample 8: Seems to be running at the correct speed, but half of the movie is all white/90% white blocks.

Looking at the CedarX samples page, this seems to contradict the results posted on that page. Am I using the wrong evb.bin or is this probably due to other minor differences between the Hackberry and the MK802 II?

As a side note, there is no support for wlan on the MK802 II. The module rtl8192cu is loaded but it is apparently not sufficient for even detecting the card and its MAC etc (i.e. it is missing from dmesg), but I'm guessing this will be fixed soon Smile ?

I will capture some TV commersials and encode through different profiles in HandBrake and test those too. Will try today or tomorrow.
EDIT: Hmmm... I will probably try more samples from first.

It would be *really* interesting to have a write up of what you did to compile this SD-card image!

Is there anything else I can do at the moment to help out?

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