Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
Odroid-u2 has no SATA and no internal Wifi (external keys can be used with A10 too...). And is really poor at connectors. Not a choice.

Maybe in 7-10 months something based on Dual (Not dual lite, which is again without SATA and has about same Gpu power than A10 or less...) i.Mx6 or bigger will come to market at decent price...

Also for A10 there's no reason for which linux version of xbmc should be slower than android version of more than 5-10% (interface, not decoding), and it's a little price to have a linux box with other apps running in background.
If speed is less than that, something is different in libraries or configurations (for example android version is compiled with -O3 -O3, etc.etc. ..... ) we need to find and solve the bottleneck.

If the issue is boot speed and you're using only linaro, maybe we should try something using systemd instead (do linaro is upstart-based like ubuntu?)...
Another try I'll do will likely be openbricks.
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