Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
(2012-12-13, 09:06)Nu7s Wrote: I just recieved a email from Eva @ allwinner:


It seems that someone has already ported XBMC to A10 HDMI Dongle successfully. The link below for your reference.

With a shameless advertisment-link underneath of a HDMI stick. No mention of XBMC what so ever. Wow, how low can they sink?

I thought so too. Just for kicks, I did a search for the "VidOn.Me" mini PC and found the homepage. There are downloads for the manual and for the "VidOn.Me.apk". The manual has screenshots of the app, and they look like a re-branded XBMC.

So now I'm not sure if it's a (perhaps misguided) attempt at being helpful or an attempt to pass the buck. In any case, it doesn't help us run XBMC in Linux. At most, it (maybe) provides hardware acceleration for a XBMC (-like?) program under Android.

If it really is a re-branded XBMC then I guess it opens up a whole other can of worms (is the modified source available, is this non-attributed commercial use allowed?). Link to the downloads page *removed*. I'm downloading the APK and will try it out shortly to see if it is in fact XBMC. I'll post the results once I've had a chance to test it out.


I've installed and tested the APK on my MK802-II. I don't have the skill to verify that the binary was built from XBMC sources, but it certainly looks and behaves like XBMC. If it isn't, it's the most convincing knock-off in history. It uses a slightly-modified confluence skin. All references to XBMC have been removed. The "About" screen is replaced with one made by "VidOnMe".

I tested an HD video (720p h264) and it played fine so there is hardware acceleration in play. You can't see the OSD, but it doesn't seem to be using an external player because changing audio/video settings in the GUI seems to have the desired effect when you play the video again.

I sent an email to the VidOnMe company to ask about the availability of source code and if this was an authorized redistribution. I'm not holding my breath but will post the response if I get one.
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