Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
(2012-12-19, 10:46)davilla Wrote: It will not work, it will softbrick if force applied to non-Pivos M3s. Now some are upset about this, saying it's against open source but remember this, source code for the pivos/xbmc, pivos M1/M3 kernels, and M1/M3 libamplayer are present in the Pivos github. M3 source code was pushed public about 15 mins after the binaries were posted. Pivos is very open source. Pivos has made changes in certain AMLogic libs to enhance their API for usage with XBMC, those changes are present in github. We have also made changes in the kernels to enhance their performance. These changes are also present in github. If you want to use them, fine. Go compile your own and use it.

If this leaves you with a bad taste, then ask yourself what source code is your vendor is giving you on your non-Pivos boxes? When will g-box devs give out their kernel driver changes like they are required to do under GPLv2 ? How are they really supporting you besides grabbing Pivos binaries and playing the Android mix and match game to try to get them to work well.

If the non-Pivos users/devs had just compiled their own apks either from xbmc or the pivos xbmc github repo like the Pivos devs asked them to do in the very beginning instead of just grabbing the Pivos binaries, the Pivos devs would have never taken such measures. But it is what it is.

Completely agree with you and Davilla.. I read the Midnight G-box thread the other day and was pretty appalled at all the statements abusing the pivos developer team due to the M3 firmware not working "out of the box" for non pivos devices. Having another company do all the work on the firmware updates and just applying "tweaks, patches or whatever" would piss me off too

(2012-12-19, 11:12)Katch Wrote: For the record - I have no issues with the way Pivos have approached this issue. As Davilla says - all you need is out there and to be honest the changes needed to build for other m3 boxes are neither many nor difficult. We as a community are lucky to have them actively developing on these platforms at all.

I personally have 2 M1 boxes - one that I bought from Pivos and one that I picked up from another vendor. If you can afford to support Pivos then you should but I know money is tight for many people these days so if you go for a cheaper vendor it shouldn't be too hard to get a working image built.

I'll be skipping the M3 hardware - I would rather wait for a dual/quad core alternative preferably with sata.

I was thinking bout get the Odroid X2 but i heard the Samsung are being difficult releasing the Exynos chip info to developers which sucks.. I could well imagine in next month or two dual/quads are going start popping up regularly

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