Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?

If you are really agree with Davilla, please stand up and help me doing it! I am working to get a port working on f16ref hardware, but it looks like it is only me who is really doing something. All others just talk about it, or are doing dirty tricks to get it working (like the stuff mentioned above).

My sources are also just out in the open on github. My goal is to set it up such a way that in the end any bugs reported and fixed by the f16ref community can be easily pushed back to the Original Pivos repository as pull request.

I do not want to bypass Pivos or something. I justr want to have a fun project which allows me to develop my skill further and become better in combination with the ARM architecture. As the Allwinner road appears to be a dead end if it comes down to XBMC (I still very much like it for any other ARM development, don't get me wrong about that), I moved over to Amlogic.

I could just bought a Pivos one and compile and run that, but what is the fun of that!

But again. I can really need some help, so stop talking and start .... Big Grin

EDIT: I am NOT doing Android Dev. Android is for touch devices, ask me again when the Google TV NDK is released.
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RE: Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ? - by j1nx - 2012-12-19, 12:06

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