Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?
(2013-03-27, 11:33)doragasu Wrote: Also, what's exactly the problem with these A10 devices? I have found a youtube video showing what looks like Linux + XBMC on the A10 based hackberry board, and it runs pretty well.
The problem is, that hw-video-decoding is done by the CedarX-VPU. To use this engine, there are some binarys available - which are closed source. They weren't officially released by allwinner.
As there are some problems with decoding a few or some more codecs and codec-profiles, it seems, that this binarys have some bugs. But without sources, they can't be fixed by the community. And atm there is no support from allwinner regarding source code or new fixed binarys. So development got stucked.
Also, there are only closed-sorce binarys for the Mali-GPU available. But this ones don't seem to be the problem. Efforts on REing mali is progressive, too.

I am using a mele at home to stream TV as a secondary device. And this is useable imo. Changing GUIs while playing video stutters sometimes, some codecs don't work as expected. The ones needed for streaming are ok.
But fully bugless usage isn't possible so i cannot recommend A10 for production use atm. Though many people here have thrown their A10 to trash, I'm looking forward that there will be some progress with CedarX Wink
Else I can use it for many other things, too.

I didn't find any time to test my new MyGica A11 with j1nx's builds. Maybe the WAF will with amlogic will be better...

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