Allwinner A10 : Is XBMC ported to MALI-400MP ?

I recently bought a MeLe M6 chinese box in order to run XBMC at my parents'. I didn't do much research beforehand, and just figured it would pack more power than a Raspberry Pi while being more user-friendly (included a remote, since the TV doesn't support CEC) and still including the connectivity I expected (Ethernet). Details on the hardware were a bit scarce, but the product sheet did mention 1080p video, so I thought "hey, why not".

Turns out the device uses an Allwinner A20 CPU with a Mali 400-MP GPU.

I installed XBMC/Android successfully on the device while keeping the default ROM. At first, this seemed to work great, including accessing NFS shares.

Unfortunately, video playback isn't smooth; it seems HD content has no HW acceleration. Even basic 720p videos struggle to play (I get about 10fps and a complete a/v desync). What's the current state of XBMC on such a device? Anything I can do to improve it?


EDIT: I've had moderate "success" with one of Wololo's builds:
Playback start smoothly even with (local) 1080p content, using the internal player. Unfortunately, it stops after 15 seconds or so. Using the internal player is quite critical to me, as this set-up in meant to be used by people who need subtitles.
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