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Movie and TV Shows Menu

I have been using AEON for while without any problems and it has been working like a dream, however today it seems to be behaving differently. I have not changed anything and I dont think the kids could have changed it that much!

Clicking on the default Movies and TV Shows used to bring up a list of all the Movies, or all of the TV Shows, however now it brings up a folder list showing a Movies Folder,TV Folder, Videos etc submenu, and then I need to click on the specific folder before I see my list.

This seems to have happened for all of the default menus, also Fanart (The background image) for Movies and TV Shows no longer appears. Any ideas on how to resolve this would be very helpful.

Many Thanks
I also have the same issue. I haven't opened xbmc in a few days.. then bam! All the fanart won't display.

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