Is there an Alarm Clock or Timer script?
Many times when I'm using XBMC I'm just killing time... I've got somewhere to be in an hour or two and I'm just throwing up something I've already seen before like the alice in wonderland...

I'd like to be able to easily set one-time alerts from the interface using the remote... like at 8:20pm pause the video playback... that lets me know "hey, if you're still watching, stop watching, or you're be late."

not just video.... but pausing music playback would be nice too... like a reverse alarm clock... instead of an annoying noise, the background music to my life soundtrack will be halted suddenly when it's time to go.

I wonder what the alarmclock built in command is all about...
I don't know, is that a command to make me a sandwich?

Joking aside:

@Kissell: Using the XBMC Action "XBMC.AlarmClock" can do almost exactly what you need. You could create a button that asks you for a timespan in minutes and then, after the timespan video will be paused and pops up a notification (I am not sure how easy it would be to enter a custom title/text). Please refer to Smile
for instance to stop your playback after 5 minutes
I know this was back in March but did anyone ever figure this out? I tried to read the built in commands Wiki but it was German to me. OK NOT really German but I didn't understand what to do with those commands. I am basically looking for something exactly like the OP. OP if you read this did you ever figure it out? TIA for any info.
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Is there an Alarm Clock or Timer script?00
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