Resolution changes when switching TV on/off
Mac Mini
TV Samsung via HDMI to Displayport.

I've just updated to XBMC 11 from XBMC 10. My settings in XBMC are Fullscreen and 1920x1080.

When I turn off and back on my TV, the resolution of XBMC has been changed. When I stop XBMC and restart XBMC, XBMC is opened in Fullscreen and 1920x1080.


I have the same set-up as you, and I am also experiencing this problem.

When I turn the TV off, and leave the mac-mini w/XBMC running overnight... the resolution is changed when I turn it back on the next day. The problem seems to occur when the mac-mini puts the display port in sleep mode. Simply turning the TV off and back on does not cause the problem.

I am only able to see the upper left corner (about 1/4) of what is supposed to be on the GUI. Restarting XBMC resolves the issue.

Never had this happen to me in XBMC 10.

Anyone know how to fix this?

For me even just switching off and on my Tv causes this issue. I also never had this problem with version 10.

What I've found out is that if I use the Cmd + f on the keyboard the resolution is again as it should. So I do not have to exit XBMC.
Now I want to find out how I can put this key combination behind a button on my harmony one as a workaround.
i'm also having this problem

didn't have it until RC3 Huh

adding some details here:

running Linux Mint 12 (64bit)
AMD A6 3850 trough HDMI

tv is LG 32LH3000
Chiming in that I also have this problem, with more specifics.

I'm using a Mid 2010 Mac Mini w/ the NVIDIA GeForce 320M, running OS X Lion, fully up-to-date.

It is connected via HDMI (for both audio and video) to a receiver, which is in turn connected to a TV (also with HDMI).

I can work around the problem by either of the following methods:
- quitting and reopening XBMC
- switching to "windowed" mode from System > System Settings > Video Output > Display Mode
(for this, it switches to windowed, the resolution fixes itself, and then I just choose the "don't keep this resolution" option)

Every time I turn my TV off and back on again, XBMC shows up in the lower resolution.

It seems like XBMC somehow prevents Lion from getting the update that the screen resolution has increased, but once prodded, things work again.

Even though it's easy to work around, this is a _really_ annoying bug, since it requires: remote desktop or a keyboard, OR about 8 clicks with an apple remote.
Probably due to the HDMI handshake telling XBMC that those resolutions are no longer available so it switches to VGA.
This might be related:

You can also try and see if the test build there fixes your issue.
I had similar problems a while ago. I fixed it by editing modelines in xorg.conf.

As long as i startup and shutdown "normally", everything is fine. But if something else happens (like a crash or if i use suspend) the next time XBMC starts the resolution and/or refresh rate was wrong. I had to restart the machine completely to get it working again.

Apparently, if you use modelines in xorg.conf, the first modeline is considered to be the default modeline. So after a crash or when you resume from suspend, it's possible that the first modeline is chosen (even if you have selected a totally different resolution within the XBMC settings!). This can easily be the wrong resolution and/or refresh rate.

Just make sure you have the correct modeline (probably the 60 Hz one...) as first modeline in this row and see if this helps.
no xorg.conf and no modlines on osx Smile
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whoops sorry about that... forgot to look at the thread i'm in... Blush
Look, I am not having this problem but I have a similar setup so if I can help, pls let me know.

Setup: Macmini 2011 Server
Connected via HDMI to Onkyo Receiver
Receiver connected to Samsung 720p plasma via ARC, HDMI passthru.

Resolution on mac shows up as 1280x720.

There is also an app called Switch Res where you can use and force non-default resolutions. I am not using it but it may be an option.
Macmini Server 2011 i7 Quad Core, OS 10.8.2, Amp Onkyo TX-SR308 USB WD drives 3x2TB TV Samsung Plasma 720p EyeTV Integration
There are only 10 kinds of people in this world, those who understand binary, and those who don't.

I also have the same issue

Mac Mini (2011)
OS: Lion
TV: Samsung via HDMI to Displayport.
XBMC 11.0 (official)
I had the same problem with my Mac Mini when turning off TV or receiver. SwitchResX does not fix it. In fact, it was more annoying because SwitchResX was losing settings when the Mac "lost" the displays.

I finally solved my problem with a Gefen HDMI Detective. It learns the EDID from your HDMI device and always shows it to the mac whether your TV or Receiver is on or not. Basically, the mac thinks it always has a display port attached. You also need to disable "put display to sleep" under energy saving preferences. It's a bit of an expense, but it works great and I couldn't find anything else on the market that will do the same.

Does disabling sleep without Gefen have any effect.
Macmini Server 2011 i7 Quad Core, OS 10.8.2, Amp Onkyo TX-SR308 USB WD drives 3x2TB TV Samsung Plasma 720p EyeTV Integration
There are only 10 kinds of people in this world, those who understand binary, and those who don't.

No. The problem will happen when you turn off your TV or receiver whether sleep is disabled or not.
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