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Custom Submenu's
Okay, try to work with me guys. I'm decently new to XBMC and Linux in general.
I'm running XBMC 11 on with the Aeon Nox skin on Ubuntu 11.10.

I'm having problem setting up a menu and submenu's in the main scrolling screen. I'll explain what I want as best as I possibly can.

I want a menu on the main screen called Media. In the menu, there will be sub menu's called Movies and TV Shows. I figured out how to make the menu, so now my main screen looks like...

Shutdown - Add-Ons - System - Programs - Media

I just have no idea how to link these submenus to my libraries. Can anyone assist me in doing this? If you don't understand ask me, and I'll try to explain the situation a little bit better.

Thanks for the help.
"Can Not Find favourites.XML comes up when I activate it in the main menu.

Custom Submenu's00