Best way to organise media for fanart/posters etc
I have read xbmc wiki page that tells you how to organise you media but Im still have a little trouble with it all. I get most of my media fine but some of the fanart are displayed on wrong movies when I using the ipad XBMC constellation app. Also my movies are display two images for each movie. I deleted my movie media file and readded them trying to get the cover/fanart etc to move into their folders respectively but now there is two of everything. Also if I put my movies into ther own folder as I have now done will it still detect the movies resoultion and audio etc after it uses the folders name to search for the data.

ok what is your organization pattern?

Now, I use a windows desktop as my Media Server, so my paths will be in that method. (Connected to Media Center with SMB)

What Follows is My Organization Pattern.
For Movies:
A Full Path
E:\My Videos\Movies\300 (2006)\300 (2006).720p.BlurayRip.mkv
For best results for scraping and organization of extra files (NFO, Posters, Fanart, ExtraFanart, ...)
you would be wise to adopt this scheme:
<MovieName> ({Year})\<MovieName> ({Year}).{Source}.EXT

Each Movie should be in it's own folder, as this tells XBMC (and other programs that interact with XBMC) where everything is.
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Yes I have just moved all my movies into their own folder. Took forever though haha.
So you need to put the 720p etc in for it to pick it up and download those banners.
Also what do you select when you add the movie library? beside run automated scan. do you select movies are in seperate folder, Scan Recursively etc. Also if using iMDB can you get Movie sets working as I have read that it only supports TheMovieDB.

For scraping use these settings (can be used for IMDB as well):

For Movie Sets:

Use Ember Media Manager or WXMM, These will allow you to create your own.
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(2012-03-30, 10:29)tmacka88 Wrote: So you need to put the 720p etc in for it to pick it up and download those banners.

No you don't need to, XBMC will extract most of the info from the stream when you add it to the library i.e audio codec, container, video size, etc... However some skins will allow for extra tagging support if you include things like DVD, HDTV, etc... in you filenames.
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