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substitute masterprofile/addon_data doesn´t work for XBMC Subtitles

The only discussion I have found about this is in this post . There it says that we can´t use substitute addon_data to have it centralized, at least not to an smb-share.
I want to have everything I can centralized and for that reason I have created all substitutions that I can for all my 5 instances of XBMC in my home. But when i am doing a substitute for masterprofile/addon_data I get the same problem as kri kri in the above post, the Subtitle download stops working. I have got the same error as kri kri but now I get some other errors, different in OSX and Win7(!)

This is what I do in advancedsettings.xml:


I did almost the same in OSX and Win7:
I put debug on
closed and then opened XBMC
Started the same episode.
Tried to get a subtitle (automatic download of synced subtitle). In Win7 I also tried to manually download a synced subtitle from Bierdjope.

And then:
In both OSX and Win7 the settings.xml is read and written to the substituted directory.
In both OSX and Win7 the zip-file is saved locally and not in the substituted directory (why not?).
In Win7 it is trying to copy the srt-file from the local directory to the episode directory. It also seems to do different things depending on if it is using Opensubtitles (trying automatic download of synced subtitle) or Bierdjope (manual download). It also doesn't say any error that it is not working (although I have seen an error before, just like kri kri in the linked post above. But the copy doesn't work for some reason.
In OSX it is trying to open the just (locally) downloaded from the substituted directory(!) The same zip-file exist there so it gets that srt-file instead.

It looks odd, doesnt it?

Here are the logs (I hope I did this right):
Win7 Log

substitute masterprofile/addon_data doesn´t work for XBMC Subtitles00