Updating / scanning with a shared library
I'm moving from a single XBMC instance to multiple instances, one running on OS X and the original instance on Linux. I've set up MySQL, shared thumbnails, etc, but am running into a problem with updating library content. I'm using a path substitution in advancedsettings.xml to rewrite a local Linux path to an SMB path to share with the OS X machine. I can import the library to MySQL, play content, and so on without issue. However, if the OS X instance tries to update the library, it saves them to the database without the path substitution, but instead with the SMB path. This causes all content to be duplicated. So, a few questions:

  1. Is there a way to get the library paths to be reverse-mapped when a client is updating the library?
  2. Should I be only updating the library on a single machine (in my case, the Linux box)? If so, is there a way to completely disable updating from the Mac client?
  3. Should I be rewriting all of my paths to use SMB (even for the local Linux machine) and ditch path substitution?

1. Make sure you add sources to the OSX instance exactly the same as the Linux instance. Copy the sources.xml file over is probably the way to go.

2. Once 1 is taken care of, you should be fine.

3. That's also an option, yes.
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Interesting. I did copy my sources.xml, and that was causing the duplicate entries. So if that's not the expected behavior, I'll gather up some debug logs and file a report.
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