Boxee USB Remote, Windows XBMC, play/pause stops working

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I am running XBMC on Windows (latest, Eden 11.0). I bought the Boxee (standalone) Remote from Amazon (version with the USB nub). I made a few minor tweaks to XBMC settings for the remote as suggested by the Xmbc Remotes Wiki. When I have recently booted my system it works great: I press play/pause to toggle the play/pause functionality. Up/down/left/right works great. Keyboard works great. Select selects. Back (menu) button does back nicely. I love it!

But, after some odd interval, the play/pause button does NOTHING. I can kill XBMC and restart and that makes no difference. After a reboot of the computer the Play/Pause start working correctly again. Without respect to how well the play/pause button works XBMC when I run KeyCodes2.0 the play/pause button is reported as:

OnKeyup, Key code=179, Control keys=, Key name ......................Unassigned

Removing and reinserting the USB nub makes no difference.

On a whim, I had Amazon replace the remote/nub to see if maybe the remote or usb nub was defective, but the new one does the exact same thing.

Is this a remote issue, a driver issue, or perhaps an XBMC issue? I just cannot tell.

My keyboard.xml, per the wiki suggestions is:


Any thoughts people might have are welcome.

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I also purchased a standalone boxee remote for use with XBMC. I have had this problem a select few times, but the few times it did happen, a restart was all i needed to do
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