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Library share on 4 apple tv's
Hi all

I have 4 atv 2 connected to a hp micro server via smb, is it possible to share a library on all 4 as I don't fancy setting them all up individually

Yes, Search the wiki for mysql library. You may need to learn how to install and setup mysql
mysql setup is so sweet !!!
I use it for 5 xbmc in my home !!!
2x atv2 + xbmc on xbox1 + xbmc on atv1 crystalbuntu + xbmc on my ubuntu desktop !!!!
it even resume on other device when you stop it on some other device !!!

have a look here :
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Agreed - Read the Wiki and then go MySQL... Its really cool. I have written a guide for how to do it on a Synology NAS (link in sig) but a lot of the set-up would be the same on any other platform.
Guide for MySQL database using Synology NAS

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i just setup the library on my synology and using atv2 as a client, the scan/update for new content seems to take a lot longer than my xbox did, is that normal? also since the atv2 doesnt turn off, can you schedule a library update/scan?
Not sure about the time of length it takes to scan, but make sure you are doing it when you aren't watching a show or anything, might make it a but quicker. As for the schedule this one worked for me:
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Might want to setup XBMC on a PC or something more powerful to perform your media scanning - expecially for the initial load. Scanning on ATV2 is a bit slow - I have one PC and 2 ATV2 all with a shared library and never scan using my ATV2. Only the PC.
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