New Idea for XBMC
hey i am harsh chhabra IT student will be in 3rd year in may 2012(University School of information tech. Delhi)
i am user of xbmc from few months and i got an idea to add a new feature or function in to it.
Problem:I have a lot collection of movies and in mood of to watch, but confuse about to which one,if romantic to which,if action then which one and so on.
so i got a idea why we don't add a feature, In which browse that folder in which whole collection is stored and XBMC should return the rating of all movies in descending order.
Not only rating for all if someone in mood to watch action,just write action and XBMC will search online for the movies in collection and return all "action movies" acc. to their ratings.
then click on movies and can get subtitles also.

Implemention: Can be done in c++ using file handling and best searching algorithms and to search on those sites who provide their database for free.

About me: I have been Linux user since two years.I am used to participate in online programming like project euler,code chef etc.
I find more fun in programming to solve mathematics problems doing since 2 years
->technical skills:c,c++,python
->Qualified in "Facebook Hackers Cup" recently ,a online programming competition by FACEBOOK.
->solved many problems of projecteluer.
->worked on QT(almost same as c++) with seniors for desktop application.
->currently developing search engine in python.

so i want to work on XBMC to add many extra feature,to make it more user friendly and want to feel the joy of project.

This is the start of idea...more to do next.reply how would you like it,and tell me more to be involve in it.

isn't there a search addon already do that?
the kind of i am saying is xbms will check online for rating and will return list sorted acc to rating.
chhabraharsh, I think XBMC definitively needs something like what you suggest. I too have found myself in the position of trying to figure out whether I have something in my collection I want to watch, only to realize that I do not actually know whether I have what I like, nor whether I like what I have!

However, I don't think you have thought the concept out. Or perhaps you have, but you jump to execution without describing the features. Why don't you describe it as you would a patent claim.
well, XBMC already imports f.e. IMDB rating and you can sort by it. Also you can already browse your whole library by genre and sort it f.e. by rating. So what's missing?
I think yes you can yourself make such a program you are comfortable and then file for a patent application. The same situation is faced by all of us at times so it would be helpful if you make such software. go here

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