Opening cases animation
I'm pretty sure the Slide view for movies once had an animation that cases opened showing a disk and plot displayed when you paused on each movie. Am I dreaming? Was it there? Can I get it back.
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Slides view never had it... 'Icon' mode did and still does.
Thanks, that's it, although I don't like it. It takes up too much space over the fanart. Any chance of getting it working in slide view?
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not likely, unless someone is willing to code it (not me).
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Ah go on!!!! Big Grin


Thanks for the skin btw, love it, looks great
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i don't get it Undecided
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(2012-04-04, 00:44)Martijn Wrote: i don't get it Undecided

You'd only get it if you've watched Fr. Ted? Mrs Doyle is very insistent. Worth a watch if you've not seen it.
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