Library ignores local media sources

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beat79 Offline
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I'm running XBMC 11.0 on a windows 7 machine.

When I add a media source from a local drive, ie C: or D:, I can't see the content in the library view, but only in the files view.
On the contrary, when I add a media source from a smb share it works fine and the library is correctly populated.

I tried both sqlite and mysql, same result.

After activating the debug log, I can't see any errors.

Can you help?
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jmarshall Offline
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mysql will not work with win32 paths.

sqlite will work just fine, however.

Ensuring debuglogging is actually enabled (settings->system->debugging), set content on the source to none, OK, clean it out. Then set content back to whatever it is and scan. Post the Debug Log.

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