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Fireplace Visualization?
Does anybody know about a fireplace visualization?
because i dont like the current visualizations, they are too hectic for me.
I'd really like this to happen, too. There really needs to be some kind of visualization that's subtle and beautiful, something that casts a pleasant light in a dark room. All the visualizations I've seen so far are interesting but pretty much lame, unless you're waiting for the shrooms to kick in or something. Does anything like this exist, even outside XBMC?
Welcome to the XBMC forums.

Take a look at this:
Just acquire a fireplace video file, place it by itself in a folder and point the add-on to that folder.
I think the idea is to play some music in the background while having this visualization active Wink
Yeah, that would be great!
I want this, too!
Also, a beach scene with waves rolling in would rock.
BUMPING this (as I see that it's an old post)

I'm a newbie here - and just learning how to use XBMC / KODI (thank goodness for the tutorial videos!)

So now that the holidays have arrived, a FIREPLACE video ... preferably one with nice Christmas music ... would be welcome Smile

thanks guys!

Maybe you could just stream a christmas fireplace video including music with your favourite youtube addon for xbmc/kodi?
Seems this issue pops up every once in a while, but still no final solution as far as I can see.

What I'd like is essentially a screensaver showing a fireplace while listening to music (streaming radio). I already tried the screensaver plugin, but it cuts the audio as soon as it kicks in, so it's no good.

I don't know enough about the internals of Kodi to make a qualified suggestion, but I presume it would have to be implemented as a visualisation to be able to run while streaming music.

For flexibility it'd be cool if it could be implemented with use of Youtube video as there are already several good Youtube videos with fireplaces, aquaries etc. that could be used.

Hope some crafty Kodi hacker will pick up the idea Wink
there can only be one player at a time, so no video playback of a youtube video while playing music. I has to be a viz for now (or use a software decoding approach)
(2015-10-14, 19:43)da-anda Wrote: there can only be one player at a time at, so no video playback of a youtube video while playing music. I has to be a viz for now (or use a software decoding approach)

Searching for such visualisation i stumbled on this HOW-TO:Play_music_with_background_video (wiki)
This seems to do what @madsere asked or am i wrong?
On top of Schumi's advice: Running slideshow with animated GIF and seperatly start music should also work in current nightlies:

Otherwise, videoscreensaver is your last resort.
(2015-10-14, 20:07)Robotica Wrote: Otherwise, videoscreensaver is your last resort.

Looks like the link is a bit strange, heres one:
Problem is the Nexus Player is an 8G device with virtually no space left, so no room for a 1G fireplace video. Oh well, too bad. It was a good idea though.
one could probably write some OpenGL based fireplace visualization/screensaver

Fireplace Visualization?00